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Electrolyte Hydration Watermelon

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Replenish and hydrate - for active pursuits.

Whether you run, bike, hike, play team sports or undertake heavy labor for work this is for you! Our Premium Electrolyte Mix is scientifically formulated to provide optimal hydration during and after training. It contains essential electrolytes sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium with all natural colours and flavours.

Dairy & Gluten-free and easy on the stomach. With the specific blend of sucrose and fructose to help with rapid energy replacement and electrolytes to keep you hydrated our hydration mix is ideal for activities of higher intensity and duration such as sports matches, running, cycling and other endurance activities. It can also be useful for those with jobs that involved heavy or hard labour in warm to hot conditions where dehydration can be a risk factor. Just like Powerade, rumour has it to be a great hangover cure (if you drink it after a big night out!).

Servings Per Pack: 32
Serving Size: 16g (Makes 200ml Hydration Water)