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The Natural Edge Fulvic

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The Natural Edge Fulvic is a 100% natural, custom colloidal mineral supplement that is specially formulated to help you achieve nutritional goals. Fulvic, humic, essential minerals, trace elements and amino acids might be lacking in your diet as it was previously more abundant in your daily food intake. A gradual build-up of the trace elements and amino acids contained in the Natural Edge Fulvic supports general health.

The Natural Edge Fulvic is a custom made, organic, a natural compound, an important fraction of humic substances, existing in most soils and rivers. Fulvic is readily absorbed by most plants, including edible plants. Humans have been ingesting fulvic through food for millennia. With the advent of modern agriculture, the level of humic substances in the soil has decreased due to reliance on chemical fertilisers. Oxidised lignite is the richest source of humic substances. Oxidised lignite was created over hundreds of millions of years as ancient forests were buried by earth upheavals, subjected to heat and pressure, and soil microbes broke down the woodturning it into humate, a type of mineral. There are only a few large deposits of high quality oxidised lignite in the world and the highest quality source is in Canada. Humate contains a range of humic substances including humic and fulvic. Fulvic constitutes a small portion of humic substances, but it is the most bioactive fraction having the greatest impact on living organisms. Fulvic is the fraction that cannot be broken down any further and has the smallest molecular weight of all the humic substances. This small molecular weight of fulvic, its ability to chelate with metallic minerals, and its unique bioactive properties make fulvic an ingredient that can promote the health and
wellbeing of plants, animals and humans. The Canadian manufacturer uses an innovative technology that enables the extraction of fulvic without the use of chemicals. Hence our fulvic is purer and far more concentrated than any other fulvic product on the market. It is extracted using physics and unique separation technology. Most manufacturers still use the base-acid extraction technique, in other words, the fulvic is chemically extracted, resulting in a product with low concentrations of fulvic, extremely acidic pH, toxic levels of salts, and substandard purity. Those that do not use chemicals use a water method avoiding chemicals but are unable to achieve the high levels of concentration we have in our product.

There has been much research on humic substances including humic and fulvic. Most of the research has been on the effects of fulvic on plant growth and livestock health. The research related to human health needs to increase. Our manufacturing company in Canada has conducted various safety and toxicity tests and has partnered with a university to further research the reported health improvements seen in people who supplement their food with our fulvic.

Fulvic chelates or binds with hard to absorb trace minerals from food, aids in the assimilation of the minerals by the body. This effect alone can help to improve health and wellbeing. Trace minerals are difficult to absorb yet they are required for optimum health. In research conducted on livestock, we note that through the supplementation of a fulvic product chickens were able to absorb zinc efficiently from food so that they did not require zinc supplements. In the same research, it was observed that adding zinc with fulvic did not result in increasing levels of zinc. Fulvic helped the poultry to achieve a balance of zinc sufficient for health and excess zinc was not absorbed. In the case, of heavy metals such as cadmium fulvic showed the ability to bind with the heavy metal and help the body to eliminate them so that the levels of cadmium were lowered. Fulvic seems to display certain anti-viral and antioxidant properties. Some researchers claim fulvic has bio-stimulant properties, increasing energy, stamina and endurance of living organisms by stimulating the ATP/ADP cycle, or Kreb cycle, in cell elevating energy production.

The potential benefits of fulvic to plant, animal and human health are enormous. However, more research needs to be conducted on humans before any public claims can be made regarding the benefits.

In Australia, The Natural Edge Fulvic is not a medicine therefore we can not & do not make health claims.