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The Puku Ora Whanau


The story behind Kotahitanga...

About Us


A healthy puku is vital to experiencing optimal health and wellness. We believe this can be achieved through cleansing, restoring  and cultivating our inner garden or micro-biome. When we bring balance and diversity to this beautiful inner garden, when can stimulate a stronger immune response to defend our body from pathogenic threat and alleviate various health conditions.


These six core values embody our culture, spirit and dedication to doing what’s right. They keep us aligned and help us make decisions about everything from the food we serve to the way we design our stores.

1. Be Authentic
Create with integrity and ‘keep it real’ by using only the best ingredients and suppliers and cultivate ‘real’ relationships
2. Be Respectful
Make decisions that are respectful and enhance the mana of the land, the people and the community.  Leave them better than you found them.
3. Walk the Talk
Strive to live for your best self and celebrate wellness.
4. Think Outside the Box
We embrace new innovations and ideas, take initiative and be creative
5. We Love Growth 
Seek learning and development, always self reflect and find ways to be better
6. Be Intentional 
We strive for excellence and produce exceptional quality work that exceeds the expectations.


SHARE simple and easy ways to bring living pro-biotic rich foods back into our everyday living.

EMPOWER you with the knowledge to be actively building powerful healthy puku's.

EDUCATE our next generations to take charge of their own health in a proactive approach, before they are faced with illness.


We invite you to learn how to have a healthy puku and happier lifestyle, through attending our classes, purchasing our products and joining our Puku People movement to bring living foods back into our everyday living.